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Chlorine dioxide in bags Sanogene

It contains a small bag with 25 ml of chlorine dioxide stabilised in 2% water solution and a small bag with 10 ml of activator (citric acid) with a concentration of 50% w/w.

Sanogene is an effective disinfectant for killing microrganisms by blocking their transport of nutrients through the cell walls. Sanogene it is ideal for the disinfection of ponds and tanks,

Activation procedure

  1. Fold the set of Sanogene sachets together at the perforated line.

  2. Cut both sachets open at the same time. To cut see the dashed line at the sachets.

  3. Pour the whole amount of the sachets in a clean glass or plastic container.

  4. Wait 2 Minutes to allow the activation of the chlorine dioxide.

  5. After these 2 Minutes dilute the Solution with water to the desired concentration. (For calculating the dilution see below).

  6. Use the product immediately, as it degrades with the time.


  • Prepare in well-ventilated area!

  • Never store activated solution!

  • Always dilute activated concentrate after 2 minutes

  • Always wear gloves, glasses and protective clothing when mixing chemicals!

Possible dilution of one bag:

Possibili diluizioni di una bustina:

Concentration; Water volume:

1000 ppm 500 ml
700 ppm 715 ml
500 ppm 1 LT
200 ppm 2.5 LT
100 ppm 5 LT
50 ppm 10 LT
25 ppm 20 LT
10 ppm 50 LT
5 ppm 100 LT
1 ppm 500 LT

Sanogene is sold in boxes containing 20 bags.

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