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Ozone Measurement

Lenntech offers a range of ozone measuring modules. The range covers ambient ozone measurement, high concentration ozone measurement and dissolved ozone analysers. The advantage of these compact ozone analysers is that at low cost the area around the ozone generator is continuously controlled against any ozone leakage and ozone concentrations. More expensive UV based ozone monitors are also in our program. We divide our instruments in the following categories:

  • Ambient ozone measurement
  • High concentration ozone measurement
  • Dissolved ozone analyzers

Ambient ozone measurement:


Fixed monitors

The SM70 is a low cost feature-packed ozone and VOC monitor with a digital display and audible alarm, plus the ability to control outputs (0-5V & relay).

Satellite XT: Generic gas monitoring instrument for the detection of a wide range of gases including ozone. Three alarm relays, graphic display and lots of functions. 0-1.00 ppm. Measuring principle chemical cell. Also available for the detection of other gases.  


A world standard. 0-0.14 ppm. With multicolor bargraph readout, audio alarm, output for data logger, and set-point relay contacts.

The Series 940 is designed to actively sample gas from a remote location such as a duct or separate room. Temp/RH sensor and display optional.

Battery powered, handheld instruments

The Gasman full function personal single gas monitor is compact, lightweight and very rugged.

Featuring simple single button operation, it has a large easy to read display and audible, visual and vibrating alarms. 


-Small size: 50 x 100 x 25mm (2″ x 4″ x 1″)
- “On-Off” very simple operation.
- Range: 0-10 ppm
- Sensitivity: as low as .02 ppm
- Battery Life: 8 hours
- Belt pouch included


- LED multicolor bargraph readout.
- Simple and low cost.
- 0-0.14 ppm.

The Series 200 can be hand held or fixed in position. It is a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost monitor that only displays the gas concentration.

The Series 300 can be hand held or fixed in position and provides a high level of functionality & monitoring capability.

The Series 500 includes the same features and functionality of the Series 300 but with the added feature of onboard and PC data logging.

UV based instruments

The OZONE MONITOR 930 is a state-of-the-art UV photometer for measuring and monitoring ozone content of the ambient air.

  • Dual beam UV photometer
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Resolution 0.0001 ppmv
  • Alarm / Relays
  • 4-20 mA outputs
  • 1, 3 or 6 channels
  • IP 65 (cabinet version)
  • 19” rack mount available
  • Two scrubbers
  • Built in ozone generator

Traceable to NIST

High concentration ozone measurement

Ozone analyzer 964 with temperature and systemic pressure compensation, sample gas filter, wide range power input, isolated signal outputs, purge timer. Standard ranges: 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 g/Nm3.

Available in:

964BT:  Bench top version of ozone analyzer (portable instrument with wall mount wide range power supply 24 VDC), with temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation, ozone resistant throttle valve and flow meter, sample gas filter, catalyzing cartridge (O3 in oxygen)

964C: Cabinet version of ozone analyzer (wall-mount metal cabinet, splash-proof) in Vent configuration, with internal purge unit (with binary output programmed as purge timer), flow meter,


squeeze valve (throttle valve), sample gas filter, catalyzing cartridge.

Dissolved ozone analyzer

Krypton® K

  • Low maintenance by patented Automatic Sensor Cleaning ASR®
  • Pressure-proof up to 6 bar
  • Higher safety by integrated flow monitoring

The measuring system Krypton® K contains all you need for the disinfectant measurement: instrument, assembly, sensor, and cables.
It is available for the measurement of either free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, or total Chlorine. You decide which parameter you need with your order. The system measures the temperature and provides automatic temperature compensation.
All systems contain a PI controller with two set points. Data can be read out via 0/4-20mA output or via serial interface.

The new Pocket Colorimeter™ II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It's lightweight and battery operated, suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring. The instrument has two channels in which measurements can be made.Each channel will accept a user-defined calibration curve. Up to 10 standards can be used to determine the calibration. The curve is generated by a point-to-point straight line segment between each standard used. Linear and non-linear positive or negative slope calibrations can be performed. A calibration curve may also be manually entered from the keypad if a previously determined curve has been made on the Colorimeter. At least two data

pairs (concentration and absorbance) are required.
Single Parameter go anywhere portable photometer
Power: battery operation for a maximum of 2000 tests
Waterproof, Lightweight, Rugged
Backlit Display, Data Logging, Recall

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