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Dow UF UltraFiltration Module

Dow's ultrafiltration modules (UF), based on our proven PVDF, outside-in fiber technology that features high clean-ability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance set the standard for RO pre-treatment, drinking water production, and wastewater treatment applications. The SFP/SFD series offers customers a proven product with a long list of installations world-wide. The pre-engineered, modular IntegraPac™ skid provides customers with a streamlined skid solution that is ready to be assembled. The DOW IntegraFlo™ modules, our ultra-large surface area products, are our latest answer to the industry's continuous need to lower water costs
IntegraFlo DW74 1100                                                                                                                        
IntegraFlo DW74 1100                                  
IntegraFlo DW102 1100
IntegraFlo IW74 1100
IntegraFlo IW102 1100
IntegraPac IP 51
IntegraPac IP 77
IntegraPac IPD 51
IntegraPac IPD 77
SFD 2660
SFD 2860

SFD 2880
SFP 2660
SFP 2860
SFP 2880

Old Models

- Omexell SFP-2660
- Omexell SFP-2680
- Omexell SFP-2860

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