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Submerged Membrane Bioreactor

The SubTriq® is based on a filtration procedure with membranes that are submerged in the biomass, either inside the bioreactor itself or in a separate tank. The membranes are submerged directly in the bioreactor or in a separate tank and filtration takes place by applying vacuum to the inside of the membrane. Membrane fouling is prevented by the flow of coarse air bubbles along the membrane surface or periodic backflushing.

submerged mbr scheme

Prerequisites for the application of submerged Membrane Bioreactors:
•    Wastewater should not be highly concentrated (i.e. household wastewater) 
•    Wastewater that is well biodegradable 
•    Higher flows (> 20m3/h)

One of the distinct advantages of submerged Membrane Bioreactors is their low energy consumption.

submerged membrane tank

Submerged membrane tank, part of a system treating leachate from a landfill.

The System
•    High biomass concentration   
•    Low excess sludge production
•    Minimum space and weight
•    Low operating intervals
•    Stand alone system

•    Economically attractive    
•    Compact
•    Trouble-free operation
•    Options for water reuse
•    Fast delivery time
•    Certified by DNV (RMRS at request)

Special Applications
•    Reuse for technical applications (deck wash etc.)
•    Reuse for toilet flushing
•    Use of “extended” system for operating in zero-emission areas
•    Tailor-made executions
•    Also for Retro-fit

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