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Lenntech engineers design and build tailor-made softening plants using food grade or industrial grade resin, upon application.

Check our hardness converter to convert your hardness from French or German degrees to mg/L of CaCO3.

Our standard series are equipped with Fleck valves to control the resin regeneration.

Download our general Standard Softener brochure or datasheets:

Type Name Flow Resin volume
Domestic softeners LT- Compact < 2m3/h 10-30L
Industrial softeners LT- Simplex - 5600 < 2 m3/h 20-80L
LT- Simplex - 2750 < 5 m3/h 50-300L
LT-Simplex- 7700 < 7m3/h 50-300L
LT- Twin - 9000 < 3 m3/h 2x20 - 2x100L
LT- Twin - 9500 < 6 m3/h 2x85 - 2x280L
LT- Duplex < 70 m3/h 2x85L - 2x2000L

Fleck Softeners


- Timer option – Chrono:

Based on a calendar system and regenerates on a preset time. Ideal if the water consumption is constant or if a daily regeneration is required.

- Volumetric option – Eco:

This system will only regenerate if a preset amount of water has been consumed. The system includes a water meter, which measures the amount of softened water, so that the regeneration and backwash water will not be seen as consumption.

- Twin or Duplex – Always Eco:

All twin and duplex systems are volumetrically controlled; if the preset value of water consumption is reached the system will switch over to the second column. At the same time the system will regenerate the first column, there will be no downtime for regeneration to guarantee continuous operation.

Ion exchange plants


Ion exchange resin

Testomat: Automatic hardness controller

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