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Adsorption method

The used filter media LennSORB Arsenic Removal which is based on granular ferric hydroxide is a high performance adsorbent.
This product is recognized for its high quality and purity, LennSORB Arsenic Removal 102 adsorbent complies with all requirements of DIN EN 15029 for drinking water treatment. In addition it is certified in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

Adsorption can be consider the best and the most economical method of removing arsenic for small flows within a filter performance up to 220 000 as treated bed volumes.

The parameters which should be taken into the consideration by designing this system are the phosphate, silica, pH, NTU and the temperature.

The basic design of this method is consist of an adsorbent vessel filled with a supported layer of gravel in addition to the adsorbent media LennSORB Arsenic Removal.

In order to remove the fines particles from the media this has to be backwashed frequently until the water becomes free of turbidity.

When treated water quality drops below specification.The LennSORB Arsenic Removal bed must be replaced. Removal is normally carried out by vacuum transfer or flushing out through the lower removal channel.

What we offer

We can offer you a personalized arsenic removal plant. What we need to have is a complete water analysis and the water flow to design the appropriate arsenic removal plant. We can either deliver as individual parts the equipment, for an on-site assembling following Lenntech instructions, or deliver as a complete plug and play system, prebuilt on aluminum skids.

Optionally, we can offer extra control cabinet for standard or advanced control: we can ensure that it integrates well with a pre existing system.

Also, we provide full documentation: technical handbook, technical drawing, as well as installation and operational manuals.

If needed, we can offer installation supervision and operational training.


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