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Ozone as a disinfectant for water treatment has been applied for more than a century. However not all advantages of ozone disinfection are known in the water purification field.

When comparing disinfectants one should keep in mind that there are very few bad chemical solutions for killing micro-organisms.
Nearly all biocides will disinfect nearly any water if the right dosage and reaction time are applied.

Why apply ozone disinfection if simple chemical dosing of e.g. chlorine will do the job as well?

The most important future issue of disinfectants will be how environmentally friendly the antimicrobial agent will be. What disinfectant by-products will be formed? and how efficiently, that is how quickly can the disinfectant applied achieve a sufficient log reduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi?

Some important technical ozone disinfection issues:

- There is ozone and ozone. All depends on the concentration of the ozone applied. All disinfection methods (also the conventional chemicals) follow one guideline: the CT-value. What the CT value basically means is that the higher the concentration the shorter the contact time will have to be. Check what ozone concentration is applied with the ozone generator.

- What is the ozone injection system applied? Is sufficient mixing achieved? Or is all injected ozone immediately released of the the to be treated water?

- Monitoring: Are you actually checking the level of ozone in the water to be treated. A good ozone disinfection system will have continuous on-line monitoring of the disolved ozone concentration in the water.

If sufficient care is taken to put into place good ozone generation design, a very effective and powerful disinfection system will be available for continous disinfection.

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