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Global warming overview By S.M. Enzler MSc

Everyone knows the prediction that 'global warming' will modify climate around the world.

But what exactly is global warming? If you want to know all about global warming, the greenhouse effect and the predictions that are made, check out this global warming web-directory!

All global warming pages:

Climate change glossary

Fossil fuels: characteristics and effects

The greenhouse effect mechanism

Emissions and infrared absorption by greenhouse gases

Explanation of the IPCC SRES scenarios

The IPCC SRES scenarios: causes of climate change

The IPCC SRES scenarios: consequences of climate change

Overview of emission reductions for each country according to Kyoto

Possible policy measures to achieve Kyoto targets

Trading emission permits to achieve Kyoto targets

Discussions of the greenhouse effect

History of global warming

Perspectives on the greenhouse effect

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