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Osmosis is used extensively in the water industry and petrochemical/chemistry/environmental industry and the below definition is related to that field.

Definition of Osmosis:

The tendency of water molecules to pass through a semi permeable membrane, from the side with a low concentration of dissolved salts to the side with a higher concentration of dissolved salts until equilibrium is reached. The semipermeable membrane is permeable to the solvent, but not to the solute

Thesaurus Translations:

Spanish/ Español = ósmosis

French/ Français = osmose

German/ Deutsch = osmose

Italian/ Italiano = osmosi

Arabic = التنضاح, اِزموزية,

Bulgarian/ Български = осмоза

Czech/ Česky = osmóza

Danish / Dansk = osmose

Dutch/ Nederlands= Osmose

Finnish/ Suomi =

Greek/ Ελληνικά = όσμωση

Hungarian/ Magyar = ozmózis

Korean/한국어 = 삼투, 삼투성

Latvian/ Latvia =

Norwegian/ Norsk =

Persian (Farsi) =

Polish/ Polski = osmoza

Portuguese/ Português = osmose

Romanian/ Românã = osmoză

Russian/ Русский = осмос

Slovak/Slovenčina = osmóza

Swedish/ Svenska = osmos

Turkish/ Türkçe = ozmos.

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