Filtration is used extensively in the water industry and petrochemical/chemistry/environmental industry and the below definition is related to that field.

Definition of Filtration:

A treatment process of separating undissolved solids from a liquid (e.g. water) by means of a filter containing filter media such as a porous substance, a membrane or permeable fabric.

Thesaurus Translations:

Spanish/ Español = Filtración

French/ Français = Filtration

German/ Deutsch = Filtration

Italian/ Italiano = Filtrazione

Arabic العربية = تنقية

Bulgarian/ Български = филтриране

Czech/ Česky = Filtrace

Danish / Dansk = Filtering

Dutch/ Nederlands= Filtratie

Finnish/ Suomi = Suodatus

Greek/ Ελληνικά = διύλιση, διήθηση

Hungarian/ Magyar = szűrés

Korean/한국어 = 여과법, 여과작용

Latvian/ Latvia = filtrācija

Norwegian/ Norsk =

Persian (Farsi) = از صافى گذراندن, تصفيه

Polish/ Polski = Filtracji

Portuguese/ Português = Filtração

Romanian/ Românã = Filtrare

Russian/ Русский = фильтрация

Slovak/Slovenčina = Filtrovanie

Swedish/ Svenska = Filtering

Turkish/ Türkçe = Süzme.

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Related Definitions, synonyms, antonyms and idioms:

Filter - Filtrate - Separation - Purification

Related adverbs, adjectives, verbs and nouns:

Filterability - Filterable - Filtrable - Filtered - Filtering

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