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Disinfection is used extensively in the water industry and petrochemical/chemistry/environmental industry and the below definition is related to that field.

Definition of Disinfection:

The process of killing (inactivating) harmful and objectionable bacteria, cysts and other microorganisms (pathogenic) by various agents such as chemicals, heat, ultraviolet light, ultrasonic waves, or radiation. Disinfection is usually considered a 99+% kill compared to sterilization that generally attains 100% kill.

Thesaurus Translations:

Spanish/ Español = desinfección

French/ Français = désinfection

German/ Deutsch = desinfektion

Italian/ Italiano = disinfezione

Arabic = التطهير من الجراثيم

Bulgarian/ Български = дезинфекция,

Czech/ Česky = dezinfekce

Danish / Dansk =

Dutch/ Nederlands= ontsmetting

Finnish/ Suomi =

Greek/ Ελληνικά = απολύμανση

Hungarian/ Magyar = fertőtlenítés

Korean/한국어 =

Latvian/ Latvia = dezinfekcija

Norwegian/ Norsk =

Persian (Farsi) =

Polish/ Polski = dezynfekcja

Portuguese/ Português = desinfecção

Romanian/ Românã = dezinfectare

Russian/ Русский = фильтрация

Slovak/Slovenčina = Filtrovanie

Swedish/ Svenska = desinfektion

Turkish/ Türkçe = dezenfekte .

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Related Definitions, synonyms, antonyms and idioms::

Filter - Sterilization - Separation - Purification

Related adverbs, adjectives, verbs and nouns:

Disinfect - Disinfected - Disinfectant - Disinfecting - Hygeinized

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