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... other was membrane A further cross-linked in an aqueous GA solution with a H2SO4 catalyst (membrane B). These membranes were then applied to the dehydration of ethanol/ water mixtures for high temperature and high pressure evapomeation (HTPEV). The permeation flux increased with increasing feed vapo ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

... algorithm. A visual, windows-based, user-friendly design software has been developed using VB programming language. Using this software, two dehydration cases have been studied. The results presented here indicate the value of this software as a design tool. A model, algorithm and software fo ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... time residence) and within various initial and boundary conditions show good agreement with those obtained experimentally. Keywords: Dewatering; Dehydration; Water content; Moisture; Solar drier; Simulation; Evaporation 1. Introduction Heat and mass transfers in porous media are phenomena met i ...
Desalination 168 (2004)

... commercially available polymeric and microporous silica membranes (both supplied by Sulzer Chemtech GmbH) was investigated with respect to the dehydration of binary mixtures of isopropyl alcohol (IPA)/water. The range of concentrations investigated (CH2O # 20 wt.%) was selected according t ...
Desalination 149 (2002)

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