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Master or PhD programs in Delft

At Lenntech we are looking for highly specialized people in the water treatment sector. If you already share this background please contact us. Otherwise it might be interesting for you to join, for instance, one of the following Master or PhD programs in Delft, close by our company. Of course, all of the courses mentioned below are lectured in English.

  • The Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) is ranked among the top technical universities in the world, with excellent research and education standards, also made possible by its facilities in the constant process of being renovated and updated. TU Delft is a member of the IDEA league of four leading engineering universities in Europe, as well as of CESAER, the association of European schools of technology and engineering. Moreover, TUD creates partnerships with universities all over the world. The student body, at the same time, is made up of around a hundred nationalities creating a largely multicultural environment.

TU Delft offers in-depth knowledge about the state of the art in water treatment technologies, particularly through the two specializations in Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Technology described below.

Sanitary Engineering is a specialization within the Civil Engineering Track in Watermanagement, while Environmental Technology is part of the Environmental Engineering track. They both integrate attention for human health and for the environment with the study of traditional and latest technologies for drinking and waste water treatment. Moreover, Sanitary Engineering also focuses on the transport and distribution of water, other than urban water management issues, such as flood prevention in urban environments. Environmental Technology, on the other hand, provides an additional insight about the treatment processes. It also explores solid waste treatment and soil remediation.

Watermanagement and Environmental Engineering share the same multicultural and stimulating environment, fostering personal growth, especially inspired by highly ambitious colleagues, willing to go beyond the purely didactic knowledge. There are frequent occasions to get in direct contact with professors and researchers in an informal setting. This gives easy access to their projects in the industrial and research sectors, providing the opportunity for students to learn and join them.

The department also gives vast opportunities of finding Master Thesis, internships and Multi-disciplinary projects abroad. This provides a helpful tool to learn about the working and research methodologies carried out in other countries, possibly in extra-European settings, giving the possibility to integrate the knowledge about these approaches with the European and Dutch ones.

  • The IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world. It operates as a Foundation under Dutch law, working in in partnership with UNESCO. It promotes educational, research and capacity development activities in the sectors of water engineering, water management, environment, sanitation, and governance. Projects are being carried out all over the world and the university can claim a highly multicultural environment. IHE Institute has been working since its establishment in developing and improving the capacities of water sector organizations in the Global South. This was achieved also by strengthening other educational institutes and universities in their effort towards enhancing the skills of professionals working in the water sector.

The specialization Water Supply Engineering within the Master program of Urban Water and Sanitation at IHE is designed for mid-career engineers working in water supply companies, municipal assemblies, government ministries and consulting companies dealing with water supply. It provides the students with in-depth knowledge about drinking water treatment and distribution, integrating technical aspects within the social, political and environmental context in which they will be applied.

  • Wetsus is the European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. It addresses global water problems, creating collaboration schemes with companies and research institutes all over Europe. This is a strategic asset, leading to innovative solutions for profitable and sustainable water treatment technologies.

Wetsus offers educational opportunities, too. The Master Water Technology, offered jointly with Wageningen University, University of Twente and University of Groningen, provides the opportunity to specialize in one of the following topics:

  • Sustainable water supply
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • New water sources
  • Reuse and production of components
  • Energy and water
  • Detection of pathogens and micro/nano pollutants

For students already enrolled in a Dutch university, it is also possible to do an internship at the water technology centre of Wetsus.

Lenntech also frequently offers traineeships for students attending any of above studies.

The Netherlands can grant long experience in managing water, being currently among the world leaders in the field. The Water Sector plays a key role in the Dutch economy and recently the national Government established it as one of the Top Sectors. This implies that specific investments will be made, covering the Water Technology Sector, too.

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