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Ozone disinfection for horticulture

Disinfection of feed water and recycled water for horticulture applications

The sizes of horticulture companies are getting bigger. Because of the growth and consolidation in this sector, sizes of 2 to 10 hectare are no exception. In most cases there are central water feeding systems for rainwater and recycled water.


Because of these large set-ups, the risk of wide spread damage by e.g. bacterial infection through the distribution are huge.
It's essential to place an efficient disinfection system to prevent this from happening.

Solution: Ozone disinfection

A widely tested and used disinfection method is the ozonisation of water. Disinfection by ozone is being used for more than ten years in the Dutch horticulture.
Lenntech has it's third generation of systems introduced to the market. These systems are operating on high ozone concentrations which makes them more efficient, faster and very compact.

First generation

Second generation

Third generation

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