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Over one hundred questions on water answered by Lenntech!

Drinking water questions

- What is in our drinking water?
- Where does drinking water come from?
- How is drinking water purified?
- What dangers can there be in drinking water?
- How is drinking water quality protected?
- Is bottled water safer than tap water?

Water chemistry questions

- What is water?
- How is a water molecule built up?
- How are water molecules bond together?
- How much does a water molecule weigh?
- In what states (phases) can water be found?
- What happens if water changes phase?
- How does water evaporate?
- Why does ice float on water?
- How come not all substances are water-soluble?
- How do we determine the solubility of gasses in water?
- How do we determine the solubility of liquids in water?
- What are thermal properties of water?
- What is hard water?
- What are physical and chemical properties of water?
- What is oxidation and reduction?

Water cycle questions

- Where can water be found?
- How does the water cycle work?
- How does water spread through the ground?

Water energy questions

- What is energy?
- Does water contain energy?
- Can energy be generated through water?
- What is hydroelectric power?
- What are the benefits and drawbacks of hydroelectric power?
- How is energy generated in a hydroelectric power plant?
- How much of the world's electricity is supplied by hydroelectric power?
- Can we produce electricity from tides and waves?
- Is production of electricity from heat stored in water possible?

Water & health questions

- How much water do we need on a daily basis?
- Why should we drink so much water?
- What causes humans to become thirsty?
- Why should we not drink seawater?
- What health effects do microrganisms in water cause?
- What is Cryptosporidium?
- Are there any risks to hard water?

Water ecology questions

- What is ecology?
- What kind of aquatic environments are there?
- What kind of saltwater life zones are there?
- What kind of freshwater life zones are there?
- Which species live in the aquatic life zones and how do they interact?
- Which are the limiting factors for aquatic life?
- What impact do humans have on aquatic life zones?

Water pollution questions

- What is water pollution?
- What are the major water pollutants?
- What types of freshwater pollutants are there?
- What are the properties and dangers of water pollutants?
- Where does water pollution come from?
- What are the specific ways through which water pollutants enter the environment?
- How are pollutants transported through water?
- Which factors determine the movement and distribution of pollutants in water?
- How do we detect water pollution?
- What is heat pollution, what causes it and what are the dangers?
- What is eutrophication, what causes it and what are the dangers?
- What is acid rain and how does it develop?
- Why does water sometimes smell like rotten eggs?
- What causes white deposit on showers and bathroom walls?
- How do organisms respond to water pollutants?
- What general effects can water pollutants have on organisms?
- How is toxicity of water pollutants tested with aquatic animals?

Water purification questions

- What is water purification?
- In which ways is polluted water treated?
- What specific water purification methods are there?
- How do specific water purification methods work?
- How can bacteria be removed from water?
- What is aerobic water treatment?
- What is anaerobic water treatment?
- How are fertilizers removed from water?

Water quality questions

- Which factors determine water quality?
- What is the difference between salt water and freshwater?
- How is water quality assessed?
- Which qualitative analyses define water quality?
- Which quantitative analyses define water quality?
- What are water quality certificates?

Water quantity questions

- How much water is there on earth and how much is available for humans?
- How much of the water can be found in oceans?
- How much freshwater is available?
- How much water is suitable for drinking water?
- What is the total world annual consumption of potable water and seawater?
- What are the projected needs for water in the next 10 to 50 years?
- How much of the human body consists of water?
- How many people do not have access to clean water?
- What causes freshwater shortages?
- How can water supplies be increased?
- What are the causes and effects of flooding?
- How will population increases influence water use?
- What is the average cost of water per cubic meter in different countries?
- How much does a cubic meter of desalinated water cost in various countries?
- What will happen to the cost of desalinated water in the next 10 to 50 years?

Water softener questions

1. Hard water questions

- What is hard water?
- Which industries attach value to hardness of water?

2. Water softening questions

- What is water softening?
- What is a water softener?
- Why is water softening applied?
- What does a water softener do?
- How long does a water softener last?

3. Softening salts questions

- Which types of salt are sold for application in a water softener?
- Should we use rock salt, evaporated salt or solar salt in a water softener?
- Is it harmful to mix different kinds of salt in a water softener?
- How often should one add salt to a softener?
- How come water sometimes does not become softer when salt is added?

4. Softening costs questions

- How much does a water softener cost?
- How much does a water softener cost during operation?

5. Softening of drinking water questions

- Do water-producing companies always produce softened water?
- Is softened water safe to drink?
- Can salt from softening installations enter drinking water?
- How much sodium does one absorb from softened water?
- Will softening drinking water deprive it of essential minerals?

6. Softener maintenance questions

- When does a softener resin need replacement?
- Does a softener brine tank need cleaning?
- What is 'mushing' and why should we avoid it?

7. Softener operational questions

- Can brine from softeners damage a septic tank?
- Can a water softener be used with lead pipes?

8. Softener in households questions

- Can a water softener be taken along during moving?
- Can waste from a water softener be discharged directly in the garden?
- Is softened water any help for dry skin conditions?

Water usage questions

- What do we use water for?
- How much water does a person use each day?
- How long can water be stored?
- How should water be stored?
- Why does tap water often smell like chlorine?

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