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Information resources

Recommended books used as information source in the making up of Lenntech’s periodic table:

Nature’s Building Blocks. Author: John Emsley. 2001.

An A-Z guide to the elements.

Excellent resource to obtain detailed information about every element of the periodic table. It includes information about the elements in their human, medical, historical, economical, environmental, chemical and even surprising aspect!

Environmental Chemistry. Author: John Wright. 2003.

Interesting book about basic chemistry concepts applied to the environment. Written in a clear and simple way it tackles many environmental problems from the chemical point of view and in an entertaining way. It includes information about certain pollutant chemicals, with explanations on how they affect the ecosystems negatively.

Chemistry of the Elements. Authors: Greenwood and Earnshaw. 1997.

This book deepens in the chemical properties of not only the elements of the periodic table, but also of all the compounds that these form. It includes drawings of the electronic structures, of the types of bounds between orbitals, of the crystalline structures…

A very complete book that allows the reader to enter the world of atoms and molecules and their reactions.
How dangerous are environmentally hazardous substances? (Hoegevaarlijk zijn milieugevaarlijke stoffen?) 1 and 2.Authors: Copius Peereboom and Reijnders. 1989.

Analysis of the effects that environment’s pollutants have on humans. In dutch.

Periodic tables in the internet used to complete Lenntech’ s periodic table:

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