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Self cleaning screeners

Filtering drum

It is a machine characterized by a simple operating principle, designed for the screening of civil and industrial effluents. The main component is a filtering drum, composed by bars with a trapezoidal section, which rotates continuously around its axe.
The liquid to be filtered crosses the cilinder twice: in the first crossing the separation of the suspended solids is carried out, in the second one the liquid contributes to remove the filtered solids in the intestacies of the cylinder, avoiding a rapid occlusion of the filter medium.
A rotary bushing system provides to remove the remaining filtering solid from the cylinder and an over flow device allow to absorb any possible peak of flow.
Thanks to its building features the filtering drum can treat an effluent with an high content of TSS, even through small filtering mesh, until 200 micron.
The following optional devices are available:

  • Oleodinamic device or screw for the dewatering of filtered material

  • Washing device for the drum, with pump at high pressure

  • Cylinder speed control system

Type screen K600/600 K600/900 K600/1500 K900/1500 K900/3000
Capacity [m3/h]
Filtering mesh [mm] (*)
300 60 80 130 300 600
500 100 150 250 500 1000
750 135 200 350 700 1400
1000 170 250 450 850 1700
2000 - - - - -
Power [kW] 1.25 1.25 1.25 2 3
Length [mm] 1120 1420 1950 1980 3480
Width [mm] 1385 1385 1385 1862 1862
Height [mm] 1090 1090 1090 1370 1370
Weight [mm] 310 450 700 940 1340

(*) Flow data refer to clean water and 200 mm filtering mesh

Rotary disc screen

It is characterized by operation flexibility which makes it suitable for a large number of applications.
The feed waste water is pumped and an overflow system recycle the exceeding flow. The flow is channeled between the pairs of disks. The filtering mesh fixed on them hold back solids of varying dimensions, from 50 to 800 mm.
The effluent go through the mesh driven by the gravity and the solids accumulated between the disks carry on a further filtration, increasing the efficiency.
The held back solid is transported to the disk by friction and by special lifters mounted on the disks. The friction also contributes to the cleaning of the disks, maintaining their efficiency.

A water nozzle system can also be used to wash the disks.
The disk rotation speed can be regulated by a mechanical speed variation, according to the amount of solid to filtrate.

Technical data:

Model DP 101 DP 102
Flow [m3/h] 80 130
Number of disks 2 4
Filtration surface Total/Submerged [m2] 1.57 / 0.59 3.14 / 1.18
Dimensions [mm] 1830 x 850 x 1370 1830 x 1200 x 1370
Power 0.75 1.5
Weight [kg] 320 450
Washing water flow [l/min] 24 48
Filtration mesh [mm] 50 - 800
Frame material AISI316
Sealing EPDM

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