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Tchobanoglous - Wastewater Engineering (Treatment and Reuse)

Wastewater Engineering - Treatment and reuse - 2003 (4th edition)


A book focussing on wastewater treatment, of an extensive volume (bible), containing detailed descriptions and explanations, and very clear figures and calculation examples.

Chapter 1: wastewater engineering: an overview
Chapter 2: constituents in wastewater
Chapter 3: analyses and selection of wastewater flow rates and constituent loadings
Chapter 4: introduction to process analyses and selection
Chapter 5: physical unit operations
Chapter 6: chemical unit processes
Chapter 7: fundamentals of biological treatment
Chapter 8: suspended growth biological treatment processes
Chapter 9: attached growth and combined biological treatment processes
Chapter 10: anaerobic suspended and attached growth biological treatment processes
Chapter 11: advanced wastewater treatment
Chapter 12: disinfection processes
Chapter 13: water reuse
Chapter 14: treatment, reuse, and disposal of solids and bio solids
Chapter 15: issues related to treatment-plant performance


This new version focuses strongly on various technologies for the advanced treatment of different kinds of wastewater.

The book gives an excellent description of any technological changes in wastewater treatment over the past decades. It is very suitable for wastewater treatment engineers of any level.

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