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Water Treatment Membrane Processes

Water Treatment Membrane Processes - 1996 McGraw-Hill

J. Mallevaille, P.E. Odendaal, M.R. Wiesner ISBN 0-07-00155-9-7

A useful handbook on water treatment for engineers and students.

1. The Emergence of Membranes in Water and Wastewater Treatment
2. Catagories of Membrane Operations
3. Membrane Applications: A Contaminant-Based Perspective
4. Mass Transport and Permeate Flux and Fouling in Pressure-Driven Processes
5. Principles of Rejection in Delta P Processes
6. Membrane Biofouling
7. Models for Selectivity in Electrodialysis
8. Multiphase Membrane Processes
9. Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Index.
10. Ultrafiltration
11. Microfiltration
12. Electrodialysis
13. Phase Contact Processes and Applications
14. Field Evaluation and Piloting
15. Membrane-Powdered Activated Carbon Reactors
16. Coagulation and Membrane Seperation
17. Membrane Bioreactors
18. Ion Exchange Membrane Reactors


This book brings you technical information about the membrane processes, structure and materials. The membrane processes are explained and are connected with graphics and formulas. Prepared by a group of experts, the book covers membrane filtration issues for drinking water as well as research on the purification treatment of wastewater.

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