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Water Recycling and Resource Recovery in Industry,
Analysis, Technologies and Implementation.

Piet Lens
Look Hulshoff Pol
Peter Wilderer
Takashi Asano

ISBN: 1 84339 005 1

IWA Publishing 2002

Water recycling and resource recovery in industry, provides a definitive and in-depth discussion of the current state-of-the-art tools and technologies enabling the industrial recycling and reuse of water and other resources.


PART I: Industrial reuse for environmental protection
1. Sustainable water management in industry
2. Water reclamation, recycling and reuse in industry
3. Environmental protection in industry for sustainable development

PART II: Resource protection policies in industry
4. Cleaner production: history, concepts, policies and instruments, incentives and practical examples
5. National policies for efficient resource utilization and protection
6. Strategies for the environmental management of chains
7. Ecological modernization of industrial ecosystems

PART III: Tools to assist on in closing industrial water and resource cycles - A. Regulatory measures
8. International guidelines for water recycling
9. Eco management and audit scheme a step forward towards sustainability
10. Best available techniques for the reuse of waste oil

PART III: Tools to assist on in closing industrial water and resource cycles - B. System analysis
11. Water pinch analysis: minimization of water and wastewater in process industry
12. Key parameter methodology for increased water recovery in the pulp and paper industry
13. Systematic approach to water resource management in industry
14. A customized software tool for environmental impact assessment of drinking water production and distribution
15. Quantifying the sustainability of technology by exergy analysis

PART III: Tools to assist on in closing industrial water and resource cycles - C. Characterization of process water quality
16. Analytical techniques for measurement of physico-chemical properties
17. Use of modelling to prevent food contamination in production chains

PART IV: Technological aspects of closing industrial cycles - A. Potentials of environmental biotechnology
18. Potentials of biotechnology in water and resource management
19. Novel biological processes for advanced wastewater treatment
20. Biodegradation of recalcitrant and xenobiotic compounds

PART IV: Technological aspects of closing industrial cycles - B. Advanced technologies for meeting reuse criteria
21. Physico-chemical wastewater treatment
22. Advanced oxidation technologies for industrial water reuse
23. Industrial experience of water reuse by membrane technology

PART IV: Technological aspects of closing industrial cycles - C. Resource recovery and management
24. Technologies for nitrogen recovery and reuse
25. Phosphorus recycling potentials
26. Materials and nutrient recycling and recovery from solid waste: a system perspective

PART V: Examples of closed water cycles in industrial processes
27. Water minimization and reuse in the textile industry
28. Novel process on thermophilic conditions opens up new opportunities of integrated white water treatment in recycling mills
29. Biological recovery of metals, sulfur and water in the mining and metallurgical industry
30. Solar photocatalysis: application to the treatment of pesticides in water
31. Water reuse in greenhouse horticulture
32. The industrial symbiosis in kalundborg, Denmark - industrial networking and cleaner production


This book deals with the state-of-the-knowledge on the sustainable supply and use of water and material resources in industry. the problems currently faced in water and material resources management depend on resource demands and supplies, their reliability and environmental protection which may be geographically varied and rather localized. Thus, the appropriate responses, both managerial and technological, will vary accordingly and creative thinking will be needed. Several chapters in this book contain such responses and illustrate them by case studies.

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