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Robin Clarke, Jannet King - The atlas of water

The altas of water - 2004 Robin Clarke, Jannet King Earthscan Publications ISBN: 1-565849183

A comprehensive charting of the global water industry.


Part 1 - A finite resource
Part 2 - Uses and abuses
Part 3 - Water health
Part 4 - Re-shaping the natural world
Part 5 - Water conflicts
Part 6 - Ways forward

Review: From Publishers Weekly
Water, water everywhere? Yes, but…as the authors of this atlas graphically demonstrate, even in water-rich areas of the world, clean water is a finite resource. And for one billion people—one-sixth of the world’s population—fresh, clean water is virtually unavailable. Plentiful maps, graphs and tables illustrate the cycle of precipitation and condensation, the percentage of cropland watered by irrigation around the world and the way increasing use of chemicals in agriculture is destroying freshwater sources. A section called "Re-Shaping the Natural World" examines the destructive role of dams and other water systems, while another section looks at the potential for international conflict over scarce water resources in regions such as the already volatile Middle East. But, looking to the future, the authors (Clarke is an editor for the World Meteorological Organization and King has worked on many environmental atlases) don’t see privatization and the market as offering more equitable water distribution. Water is a human right, not a commodity, they argue; they recommend "integrated water management and public participation" as the keys to solving the world’s water problems. This concise atlas is a useful guide for students or anyone who wants to visualize the world’s water supplies and their use and abuse.
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