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C.C. Lee, Shun Dar Lin - Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations

Handbook of environmental engineering calculations - 2000

C.C. Lee, Shun Dar Lin McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0-070381836

Solutions-oriented guide takes you through the integration of regulatory requirements into environmental design, providing tested tools that make every aspect of environmental assessment, control, protection, and compliance more manageable. DLC: Environmental engineering.

Part 1 - Calculations of water quality assestment and control
1.1 Basic science and fundamentals
1.2 Streams and rivers
1.3 Lakes and reserviors
1.4 Groundwater
1.5 Fundamental and treatment plant hydraulics
1.6 Public water supply
1.7 Wastewater Engineering

APP. A - Illinois environmental protection agency's macroinvertebrate tolerance list
APP. B - Well function for confined aquifers
APP. C - Solubility product constants for solution at or near room temperature
App. D - Freudlich adsorption isoterm constants for toxic organic compounds

Part 2 - Solid waste calculations
2.1 Thermodynamics used in environmental engineering
2.2 Basic combustion and incineration
2.3 Practical design of water incineration
2.4 Calculations for permitting and compliance
2.5 Calculational procedures for ash stabilisation and solidification
2.6 Incineration technologies and facility requirements

Part 3 - Air pollution control calculations
3.1 Air emission control
3.2 Particulate emission control
3.3 Wet and dry scrubbers for meission control


Step-by-step guide to environmental calculation. The only hands-on reference of its kind, Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations, by respected national expert C.C. Lee, provides calculation procedures for solid waste management; air resources management; water quality assessment and control; surface water; lake and reservoirs; groundwater; public water supply; waste water treatment; and risk assessment/pollution prevention. Each procedure is presented with fully illustrated steps. The author, an EPA Research Program Manager, shows the integration of regulatory requirements into environmental design, so that the resulting designs are more acceptable to regulators.

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