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Stanley E.Manahan - Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry - 2005 (eight edition)
Stanley E. Manahan CRC Press

ISBN: 1-566706335

A useful book which develop the principles, tools and techniques of environmental chemistry in order to provide students and professionals with a clear understanding of the science and its applications.

1. Environmental chemistry: chemical fate and transport
2. The atmosphere, environmental chemistry, and green chemistry
3. Fundamentals of aquatic chemistry
4. Oxidation-Reduction
5. Phase Interactions
6. Aquatic microbial biochemistry
7. Water pollution
8. Water treatment
9. The atmosphere and the atmospheric chemistry
10. Particles in the atmosphere
11. Gaseous inorganic air pollutants
12. Organic air pollutants
13. Photochemical smog
14. The endangered global atmosphere
15. The geosphere and geochemistry
16. Soil and agricultural environmental chemistry
17. Industrial ecology and green chemistry
18. Industrial ecology, resources, and energy
19. Nature, sources, and environmental chemistry of hazardous wastes
20. Industrial ecology for waste minimization, utilization, and treatment
21. Environmental biochemistry
22. Toxicological chemistry
23. Toxicological chemistry and chemical substances
24. Chemical analysis of water and wastewater
25. Analysis of wastes and solids
26. Air and gas analysis
27. Analysis of biological materials and xenobiotics
28. Terrorism, red chemistry, and threats to the environment


Revises and updated since the publication of the best-selling 7th edition, the text continues to emphasize the major concepts essential to the practiche of environmental science, technology and chemistry. The author thoroughly explores important concepts such as antrosphere, industrial ecosystems, geochemistry, aquatic and atmospheric chemistry, include the study of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons. Explenation of industrial chemistry and energy resources are supported bu topica in recycling and hazardous waste. Several chapters review environmental biochemistry and toxicology, and the final chapters describe analytical methods for measuring chemical and biological waste.

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