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Bjorn Lomborg - The Sceptical Environmentalist

The Sceptical Environmentalist
Measuring the Real State of the World

Bjorn Lomborg

The views of a sceptical environmentalist upon the state of the world; are the environmental problems really as serious as many of us think?

Part I: the Litany

Chapter 1: things are getting better
Chapter 2: why do we hear so much bad news?

Part II: human welfare

Chapter 3: measuring human welfare
Chapter 4: life expectancy and health
Chapter 5: food and hunger
Chapter 6: prosperity
Chapter 7: unprecedented human prosperity

Part III: can human prosperity continue?

Chapter 8: are we living on borrowed time?
Chapter 9: will we have enough food?
Chapter 10: forests - are we losing them?
Chapter 11: energy
Chapter 12: non-energy resources
Chapter 13: water
Chapter 14: continued prosperity

Part IV: pollution: does it undercut human prosperity?

Chapter 15: air pollution
Chapter 16: acid rain and forest death
Chapter 17: indoor air pollution
Chapter 18: allergies and asthma
Chapter 19: water pollution
Chapter 20: waste: running out of space?
Chapter 21: the pollution burden has diminished

Part V: tomorrow's problems

Chapter 22: our chemical fears
Chapter 23: biodiversity
Chapter 24 global warming

Part VI: the real state of the world

Chapter 25: predicament or progress?


Every environmentalist should read this book, to prevent the appalling errors of fact the environmental movement has made in the past from repeating themselves. This book gives scientific analyses of the environment, as we have never read before, with an understanding of the problems, risks and solutions. In this book, the real state of our environment is debated in a clear-cut and reasoning way.

Some content of this book can be found on our greenhouse effect: opinions of skeptics page

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