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Colin Baird - Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry - 1995

Colin Baird

Descriptions of the chemical aspects of problems that humans have created in the natural environment.

Chapter 1: Introduction to environmental chemistry
Chapter 2: Stratospheric chemistry: the ozone layer
Chapter 3: Ground-level air chemistry and air pollution
Chapter 4: The greenhouse effect and global warming
Chapter 5: Background organic chemistry
Chapter 6: Toxic organic chemicals
Chapter 7: Natural water: contamination and purification
Chapter 8: Natural water: acid-base chemistry of the carbonate system
Chapter 9: Heavy metals and the chemistry of soils
Chapter 10: Energy production and its environmental consequences


This is a book that clearly explaines, in simple terms, the chemical aspects of environmental problems, created by humans, for students that only possess introductory chemistry as background.

This book was designed specifically for environmental chemistry courses at the intermediate level. With a problem-solving approach, the book covers a wide range of environmental issues, encouraging students to examine and quantify the relationship between the environment and chemistry. The most accessible, straightforward and contemporary presentation is given of environmental issues and their solutions provided by chemists.

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