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Filmtec BW30 4040

Filmtec BW 30-4040 membrane

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Brackish water membranes for RO systems.

These industrial membrane elements come with a hard shell exterior and are recommended for RO systems with multiple element housings containing three or more membranes, as they are designed to withstand higher pressure drops.

Product name BW30-4040
Part number 80783
Nominal Active Surface Area 78 (7.2) ft2 (m2)
Applied Pressure 225 (15.5) psig (bar)
Permeate Flow Rate 2400 (9.1) gpd (m3/d)
Stabilized Salt Rejection 99.5 %
1. Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 2000 ppm NaCl, 225 psig (15.5 bar), 77°F (25°C), and 15% recovery.
2. Permeate flow rates for individual elements may vary +/-20%.
3. For the purpose of improvement, specifications may be updated periodically.
Membrane Type Polyamide Thin-Film Composite (Filmtech)
Maximum Operating Temperature 113°F (45°C)
Maximum Feed Flow Rate 16 gpm (3.6 m3/h)
Maximum pressure drop 15 psig (1,0 bar)
pH Range, Continuous Operation 2-11
pH Range, Short Term Cleaning 1-12
Maximum Feed Silt Density Index SDI 5
Free Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 ppm

Product Dimensions in Inches (mm) A B C D
BW30-4040 40.0 (1.016) 1.05 (26.7) 0.75 (19) 3.9 (99)

Important Information:

Proper start-up of reverse osmosis water treatment systems is essential to prepare the membranes for operating service and to prevent membrane damage due to overfeeding or hydraulic shock. Following the proper start-up sequence also helps ensure that system operating parameters conform to design specifications so that system water quality and productivity goals can be achieved. Before initiating system start-up procedures, membrane pretreatment, loading of the membrane elements, instrument calibration and other system checks should be completed. Please refer to the application information literature entitled “Start-Up Sequence” (Form No. 609-02077) for more information.

Operation Guidelines:

Avoid any abrupt pressure or cross-flow variations on the spiral elements during start-up, shutdown, cleaning or other sequences to prevent possible membrane damage. During start-up, a gradual change from a standstill to operating state is recommended as follows: Feed pressure should be increased gradually over a 30-60 second time frame. Cross-flow velocity at set operating point should be achieved gradually over 15-20 seconds. Permeate obtained from first hour of operation should be discarded.

General Information:

Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting. If operating limits and guidelines given in this bulletin are not strictly followed, the limited warranty will be null and void. To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, it is recommended that membrane elements be immersed in a preservative solution. The customer is fully responsible for the effects of incompatible chemicals and lubricants on elements. Maximum pressure drop across an entire pressure vessel (housing) is 50 psi (3.4 bar). Avoid static permeate-side backpressure at all times.

Notice: The use of this product in and of itself does not necessarily guarantee the removal of cysts and pathogens from water. Effective cyst and pathogen reduction is dependent on the complete system design and on the operation and maintenance of the system. Notice: No freedom from any patent owned by Seller or others is to be inferred. Because use conditions and applicable laws may differ from one location to another and may change with time, Customer is responsible for determining whether products and the information in this document are appropriate for Customer’s use and for ensuring that Customer’s workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with applicable laws and other governmental enactments. Seller assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN; ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.

FILMTEC™ brackish water reverse osmosis membrane that provides consistent, outstanding system performance in light industrial applications. FILMTEC BW304040 is the industry standard for reliable operation and production of the highest quality water

Lenntech can also help you with similar brackish and seawater filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification and liquid filtration. Also we can provide other Filmtec type replacement membranes
Please feel free to contact us for any information on reverse osmosis water filters.

* Filmtec membranes are a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

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