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Heavy metals removal

Heavy metals are present in ground water and are usually Nickel, Lead, Cadmium and Zinc.

These metals are present in water at ppb level under cationic form such as Zn2+, Ni2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+.

Reverse Osmosis can be performant at removing low level of heavy metals, although in aerobic conditions metal oxides can clog the membranes. Also, RO is not a very cost efficient method, unless the water salt content requires further demineralisation.

The best method for groundwater heavy metal removal is the use of a selective ion exchange resin called Lewatit TP 207 or Lewatit TP 208.

The 208 resin is usually non regenerable, given the low level of heavy metals in the aquifers. On another hand, the selective resin can also be regenerated on site by acid and caustic soda if necessary, usually for leachate treatment or mining waste waters.

Check our heavy metal removal plants product sheet.

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