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Desalination Key Issues

Seawater Intake

Desalination Pretreatment

Desalination Post-treatment

Desalination Polishing steps

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process

Desalination and Energy Costs

Brine Disposal

Membranes cleaning and troubleshooting


Instrumentation and Control

Apparatus for water desalination and drip irrigation of row crops

An apparatus for providing purified water to row crops is disclosed which comprises a dark plastic lower sheeting layer upon which impaired water can be ponded, and a clear plastic upper sheet which is positioned above the lower layer in the shape of an inverted V by means of a suitable supporting structure. The apparatus is designed to be placed between two row crops in a field in need of irrigation, and irrigation takes place by filling the lower sheeting layer with impaired water which evaporates when solar energy is transmitted onto the lower layer through the clear upper sheet. The evaporated water collects on the underside of the clear plastic sheet and drips downward along the sheet until it contacts the ground in the vicinity of a crop row. In another embodiment of the invention, clear rigid panels can be employed instead of the clear plastic sheet.

1989, atent number: 5067272

Method for desalination and rehabilitation of irrigated soil

Method for the desalination and reclamation of irrigated soils through application to the soil of minute amounts of one or more anionic compounds having threshold properties in dilute aqueous solution.

Patent number: 4687505

Desalinating drip-irrigation system

A system is provided for use adjacent a plant supporting material to be irrigated, for converting salt water into fresh water and dispensing the fresh water dripwise to the plant supporting material. The system comprises an evaporator member made of microporous hydrophobic material and having first and second surfaces, the microporous hydrophobic material permitting water vapor to diffuse through the member between the first and second surfaces thereof while preventing liquid water from passing therethrough, and a condenser including a condensing surface is spaced from the second surface of the evaporator member to define a gap therebetween. The condensing surface is in liquid flow communication with the plant supporting material to be irrigated. A conduit is provided for conducting a flow of salt water along the first surface of the evaporator members.

1985, patent number: 4698135

Pervaporation device and irrigation mat

Pervaporation device for the desalination of salt water comprising a channel or cavity for holding or transporting salt water and a liquid-water-impermeable, water-vapour-permeable non-porous membrane, which is made of a copolyether amide wherein the polyether and (poly)amide segments are linked via amide bridges.

Patent number: 6679991

Method and system for irrigation

An electrically-driven separation apparatus can be utilized to desalinate seawater and/or brackish water to provide irrigation water having a desired sodium adsorption ratio (SAR).

Publication number: US 2007/0284252

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