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Spray painting water treatment

Waste water of water-soluble and non-water-soluble paint of spray-painting companies

Each modern spray painting company owns a spraying cabin of some kind with a water facility on the wall that catches up the paint aerosols and leads them to a central settling well. The water from the well can never just be disposed of; it has to be treated first. With the right kind of wastewater treatment approach the water will be prepared to be disposed on receiving surface water. During the treatment the remains of the paint have to be concentrated and separated from the water.

Solution to paint and lacquer pollution

Lenntech is a company that manufactures and delivers complete wastewater treatment systems for the treatment of different kinds of wastewater. We always make sure that the system is fit to treat the kind of wastewater a company is dealing with. We can also supply you with dosing media that will prevent the paint chemicals and lacquers from sticking on walls, pipes and filters. These media are unique, because they can be applied in combination with flocculants and coagulants to guarantee an optimal separation of paint, lacquer, primer and coating from the water.

A brand new technique for the treatment of your paint wastewater flow is evaporation by means of an infrared evaporator.

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Lenntech is able to perform water analyses for your company.

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