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Humidification and Dust Suppression

Humidification - In many production facilities, factory processes and storage facitlities it is essential to keep the relative humidity on the right levels.

The relative humidity also has a strong influence on the static electricity that can occur in areas (e.g. computers).

Often facilities don't have well working air treatment systems or airconditiong systems.

Humidity can be of great importance for various processes.

Lenntech kan supply spraying and evaporation systems on compressed air and hydaulic pressure feed.

The produced mist or aerosole are so fine that they immediately evaporate. This is essential as for many products mist condensation or dropplet forming on any surface can be very counter productive. The relative humidity can be regulated and controlled with a hygrostat.

Lenntech can also provide automatic and continous disinfection and softening ot the to be evaporated water.

Dust and Odour

Another frequently occuring problem in these production facilities is the reduction or supresion of dust. Lenntech can supply mobile air-scrubbers for pruduction facilities that collect the dust, wash the air and reduce the odour. In general humid air supresses dust dispersion.

Examples of industry sectors where the relative humidity is essential to quality control:

- bakeries
- Wheat and grain storage
- Horticulture
- Food industry
- Tanneries
- Textile (thread brittleness)
- Composting facilities
- Wood storage
- Tabacco industry
- musea
- printing facilities
- Paper industry
- Cooling areas
- Paint shops

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