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Ecopure is the name given to a system that produces oxidising gases (mainly ozone) by means of ultraviolet lamps. Apart from the production of ozone, the ultraviolet light also disinfects (it kills micro-organisms). This system is used to treat water and purify air. These systems are used in the following fields:

The Ecopure process

Ecopure is a unique oxidation technique which can be applied either independently or in combination with conventional systems.

Ecopure gas is a form of activated oxygen that is inexpensive to produce. The Ecopure gas is produced by passing ambient air through a PVC capsule in which it is irradiated by a patented, spectrally controlled, ultra violet lamp. This contains a specific gas mixture and electrode material. (fig. 1). The oxygen in the air is dissociated to form new activated oxygen molecules, one of which is "Classical Ozone". No nitrous oxides are produced as is the case with corona-discharge ozone generators. The Ecopure gas is piped to and diffused into the aqueous system where it performs its intended chemical objective, or, in the absence of contaminants, slowly reverts to normal double oxygen molecules.

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