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Domestic water consumption

All around the world the water consumption per inhabitant is very various, for instance an American needs in average 500 liters a day, a western European 150 liters and a African only 50 liters a day. Even if these differences tend to decrease with the time no one is equal in the water uses. An other difference is a consequence of the people's way of life, indeed in the countryside people uses less water than in the city. An other example is the age of people because young and old persons use less water than the average.

There are several factors to explain this discrepancy. The amount of available water is maybe the most important factor, for instance water is a very precious good in Africa because the water is rare. Another factor is the water price, more richer people are more water they are able to consume.

At home, actually the drinking water is only 1 or 2 % of our total water consumption. See in the following drawing some average figures about domestic water consumption:

Pay more attention to the leaking tap because you can avoid to through away at least 60 liters a day.

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