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Curved screens / Sieves

Curved screens / Sieves

The static curved screen is a simple mecanical filter. The filter surface has a curved or parabolic surface. The advantage if this shape is that the suspended solids, which are sieved from the water, will slide down the parabolic surface and are collected in a container. Water will go through the parabolic surface and is collected in the bottom of the sieve (see exploded drawing below). The cleaning can (if necessary) be performed by brushes.

A sieve carried out in stainless steel.

An exploded drawing of a sieve.


A sieve can treat quantities between 2 and 100 m3 depending on the total surface. Sieves have filters between 0.1 and 2 mm, depending on the kind of water to be treated.

Industries which use sieves:

If you use product which form cakes easily, then you can use a vibrating sieve to make sure your suspended solids will not clog up your sieve.

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