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Mixed matrix membranes of 6FDA-6FpDA-DABA, a glassy polyimide, and modified zeolites (ZSM-2) were successfully fabricated using the procedure outlined in this paper. The membranes were cast from solution and then exposed t ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

... by the minerals. The adsorption of lead increases with an increase in pH of the solution from 1 to 4. Keywords: Ion exchange; Lead; Clinoptilolite; Zeolites; Bentonite *Corresponding author. Presented at the 9th Environmental Science and Technology Symposium, September 1–3, 2005, Rhodes, Greece.
Desalination 210 (2007)

... sorption and flotation, can be operated in the same unit, and the integrated innovative process was termed “sorptive flotation”. Keywords: Zeolites; Sorbents; Dispersed-air flotation; Copper; Zinc; Chromates; Pretreatment 1. Introduction Water pollution is nowadays a matter of deep apprehensio ...
Desalination 162 (2004)

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