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... reverse osmosis desalination (RO) using gravity energy via mining technology; thermal desalination (MED) coupled with a nuclear reactor of 10 MW. Wind energy is also being considered. Even after these different studies, ONEP is still deliberating and consulting different experts in the field, i ...
Desalination 135 (2001)

... biopile of its ambient surroundings. This paper presents a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach to modelling a biopile under the influence of wind pressure, with and without forced aeration. In addition to the flow, temperature and bioreactions are simulated. Preliminary results indicate tha ...
Desalination 251 (2010)

This paper summarizes a feasibility study for a wind–diesel hybrid system for Star Island, New Hampshire, that also includes a desalination system component. In addition to supplying electricity durin ...
Desalination 237 (2009)

... developed by CREST. The significance of the system is that it may be operated from variable intermittent renewable-energy sources, such as wind and solar-photovoltaic (PV), without need of batteries. Results of laboratory testing and extensive modeling are presented. The system presented i ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

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