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... -alumina membrane with porous gold electrodes sputtered on both sides. An electrical potential difference can be applied over the electrodes. The transport of Cu2+ ions was investigated as a function of the applied field strength over the membrane and the copper concentration in the feed solution. I ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

... Transport of basic amino acids during the electrodialysis is studied and the procedures of their recovery from various mixtures are suggested.
Desalination 241 (2009)

In this work, we present the relations between the transport coefficients for the system multi-ion solution/ionexchange membrane resulting from the neglecting of ion Á ion interactions. We present one o ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

The extraction and transport behaviour of uranium from nitric acid medium across a supported liquid membrane has been studied using di(2-ethylhexyl)isobutyramide as th ...
Desalination 232 (2008)

... noise and habitat loss and fragmentation. Within this interaction, of particular importance is the relationship between urban structure and transport emissions, since it is the urban structure that fundamentally determines transportation demand. Due to the spatial nature of the interaction ...
Desalination 226 (2008)

... demonstrate the existence of transfers which find their origins on the one hand, in a chemical potential gradient and on the other hand, in the transports related to concentration gradients. A purification–concentration process for very dilute solutions has been set thanks to the conception an ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... such early structures could lead to the development of new types of highly selective membranes. Keywords: Bilayer; Biological; Biomimetic; Mimic; Transport Without membranes there would be no life as we know it. All known life is membrane bound. Biological membranes define the boundaries of cells an ...
Desalination 199 (2006)

... and divalent ions, but increased with increasing current density and decreased in the presence of the binary mono- and divalent ions. The transport of both oxidation states of chromium ions through membranes was also correlated with the flux data. The drawback of using the special thre ...
Desalination 171 (2004)

... Transport of uranyl ion from HCl medium was investigated using 0.2 micron PTFE filters as the membranesupport and 30% alamine 336 in toluene as the carrie ...
Desalination 163 (2004)

... acid (DNNS) as the ion carrier containing 2-nitrophenyl pentyl ether as the plasticizer were synthesized for competitive transport and sorption of Cs-137, Sr-90, and Co-60 radioisotopes from aqueous solutions of sodium nitrate at concentration of 1.0×10–7 mole/dm3 each.
Desalination 242 (2009)

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