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... molybdate has greater adsorption capacity than tungstate. Keywords: Activated carbon cloth; Surface treatment; Adsorption; Functional groups; Spectrophotometry 1. Introduction Transition metals and their ions are of particular interest in many application areas. Environmental contamination due t ...
Desalination 243 (2009)

... are used. This research investigated the determination of trace chlorate concentrations in drinking water in the presence of chlorite ion by spectrophotometry. Spectrophotometric methods for the determination of chlorate ion are uncommon because these methods are affected by the presence of chlorit ...
Desalination 245 (2009)

... treatment plant. The results compared fairly well with data obtained using the standard method. Keywords: COD; Potassium dichromate method; Spectrophotometry; Calibration curves; Home-made reagents 0011-9164/09/$– See front matter © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserve ...
Desalination 239 (2009)

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