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... reduces the costs of the water purification process. This process also allows to regain valuable, previously adsorbed substances. However, a regeneration of impregnated activated carbons has not been greatly investigated. The paper presents the results of research on regeneration of impregnate ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... water in such a way that clean water can be recycled back to rinsing use. The concentrated part of used rinse water will be fed to pickling acid regeneration plant, where nitric and hydrofluoric acids can be separate and recycled back to the pickling use. The tests were carried out mainly in one o ...
Desalination 211 (2007)

... 0.2 and 0.5 MPa, the oil content in the permeate fluxes can be decreased to below 15 ppm. For the elimination of internal fouling, a membrane regeneration process is proposed. This process consists of a thermal treatment to volatilize the oil droplets deposited on the pore walls of membrane. Usin ...
Desalination 214 (2007)

... pressure above the CMC. These properties can be useful for a FO system in order to maintain a constant water flux and to enable draw solution regeneration at low energy. Three cationic and two anionic surfactants were studied at different concentrations as potential draw solutions for FO
Desalination 354 (2014)

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