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... practical applications, a two-stage nanofiltration pilot plant was simulated, the results of which will be presented. Examples of design and optimisation potentials will be illustrated for the target criteria of economic efficiency (specific energy costs), permeate quality and flow. In order t ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

... a high number of non-linear restrictions; so the achievement of the global optimum is difficult. Here, the study of an algorithm for the system optimisation is presented. Desalination 138 (2001) 341–347 Optimal MSF plant design Sergio Mussatia, Pio Aguirreb, Nicolás J. Scennac* a INGAR - Institut ...
Desalination 138 (2001)

Desalination 223 (2008) 264–268 Elimination of phenol by adsorption on activated carbon prepared from the peach cores: modelling and optimisation N. El Hannafi, M.A. Boumakhla, T. Berrama*, Z. Bendjama Department of Process Engineering and Environment, University of Sciences and Technolog ...
Desalination 223 (2008)

... simulator was used to evaluate the performance of the diagnostic system. Keywords: Fault diagnosis; Artificial neural networks; Fuzzy logic; Optimisation; Genetic algorithm; MSF *Corresponding author. Presented at the EuroMed 2004 conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranea ...
Desalination 166 (2004)

... was formulated as an MINLP model by minimising the total ED plant cost in terms of capital expenditure and running costs. A novel iterative optimisation-based solution procedure has been developed in contrast with the simulation approaches reported in the literature. Two illustrative example ...
Desalination 173 (2005)

... has been the development and validation of system design principles for water reuse systems. The DSS provides an integrated framework for optimisation of treatment and distribution aspects of water reuse and the selection of end-users, and has been used in the development of the desig ...
Desalination 218 (2008)

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