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... this task. The simple export coefficients approach has been used in this investigation for evaluation of the impact of different sources of nutrients on the water quality in Estonian rivers. Attention has mainly been concentrated on the diffuse pollution sources (natural and anthropogenic).
Desalination 226 (2008)

... of techniques to avoid the abstraction of eutrophic waters into the system (air curtain, plastic barriers). Keywords: Eutrophication; Nutrients; Cyanobacteria; Tropical reservoirs 1. Introduction Eutrophication of water supply reservoirs is one of the most conspicuous problems in th ...
Desalination 226 (2008)

FYROM (Polog, Ovce Pole, Gevgelija) and Greece (Axioupoli, Chalastra) increase nutrient concentrations in the river water. Significant amounts of nutrients are supplied by the fertilizer industry in Veles and the region of Policastro-Axioupoli. The untreated domestic wastewater from th ...
Desalination 213 (2007)

... from 1.6 at the dam (oligo-beta mesosaprobic zone), to 1.8 in the central part of the reservoir (beta mesosaprobic zone). Keywords: Zooplankton; Nutrients; Reservoir; Saprobic index 1. Introduction The reservoir of Potpec is situated in southwest part of Serbia. It is stretched from Prijepolje t ...
Desalination 213 (2007)

The aim of this study is to present the seasonal variation of nutrients in the water column and the bottom sediments of Vistonis Lagoon, a hypereutrophic Mediterranean coastal lagoon located in Northern Greece, and t ...
Desalination 210 (2007)

... in the sediment samples. The conclusions drawn from this work clearly verify that the most important impacts, mainly identified as increased nutrients and organics concentrations both in the water column and the sediment, were realized at the stations closest to the farm. These concentration ...
Desalination 210 (2007)

... phosphorus residual loads were still above the values required by the quality criteria. Keywords: Constructed wetland; Wastewaters; Macrophytes; Nutrients; Water quality; Bacteria *Corresponding author. Presented at the: MEDA WATER International Conference on Sustainable Water Management, Tunis ...
Desalination 248 (2009)

... study and a scientific management plan in order to avoid environmental degradation. Desalination 224 (2008) 271–279 Seasonal fluctuations of nutrients in a hypersaline Mediterranean lagoon E. Diamantopouloua, M. Dassenakisa*, A. Kastritisa, V. Tomarab, V. Paraskevopouloua, S. Poulosb ...
Desalination 224 (2008)

... and re-synthesis of humic-like matter. The combined system reed bed–biosolids is efficient not only in detoxifying heavy metals and removing nutrients (N, P) from biosolids, which accumulated in plants, but also in reducing sludge volume dramatically (95–99%). Fig. 3. PC loadings from principa ...
Desalination 247 (2009)

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