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P uptake kinetics and any ML concentration effects. The results will be examined in a future paper. Desalination 199 (2006) 89–91 Kinetics of nitrogen removal in a MBR nutrient removal activated sludge system Valentina Parcoa,b*, Mark Wentzela, George Ekamaa a Department of Civil Engineering ...
Desalination 199 (2006)

... precisely the sources of pollution and to assess the most efficient preventive means to avoid these problems. A methodology for the evaluation of nitrogen balance was developed and applied for a case study on the Sava river basin, Slovenia. Total emission of nitrogen into the Sava river basin wa ...
Desalination 226 (2008)

... measured by a w-BDS mounted with a funnel larger than around 30 cm in diameter. Keywords: Atmospheric deposition; Deposit-sampler; Water surface; Nitrogen; Phosphorus; Lakes 1. Introduction Lakes are supplied with nutrients through the three major routes, i.e. rivers and ground water *Correspondin ...
Desalination 226 (2008)

... and probably fragile system that needs further study and a scientific management plan in order to avoid environmental degradation. Keywords: Nitrogen; Phosphorous; Nutrients; Eutrophication; Lagoon; Corfu *Corresponding author. Presented at AQUA 2006, 2nd International Conference on Water Scienc ...
Desalination 224 (2008)

... their interactions and influences on the lake ecosystem. Keywords: Lake modelling; Lake management; Stratification; Oxygen; Ionic composition; Nitrogen; Phosphorus 1. Introduction Aquatic ecosystems are being damaged in a number of ways nowadays. Alterations of water quality due to pollution ca ...
Desalination 213 (2007)

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