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In the dairy industry non-accidental losses of milk or dairy products to sewer amount to 1–3% of the total milk processed. These significantly contribute to the 0.5–6.0 g COD/L of end-of-pipe waste-water. The major part of this polluting charge originate ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

The cleaning of an ultrafiltration polyethersulfone (PES) membrane fouled by skimmed milk was studied by ATR–FTIR showing the functional groups of fouling species and EDX coupled with SEM measuring the atomic composition. Two kinds o ...
Desalination 146 (2002)

... for heating, cleaning and cooling purposes. A 540 m2 RO unit is required to treat 100 m3/d of wastewater with 95% water recovery. Keywords: Effluent; Milk; Process water; Reverse osmosis; Water reuse 0011-9164/08/$– See front matter © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserve ...
Desalination 219 (2008)

The variations of the limiting flux during skimmed milk ultrafiltration were studied under various physicochemical environments (pH, ionic strength, chemical nature of added salts). The evolutions wer ...
Desalination 175 (2005)

... waters generated during the starting, equilibrating, interrupting and rinsing steps contribute to the production of effluents. They correspond to milk products (milk, whey, cream) diluted with water without chemicals. The treatment of these dairy process waters by nanofiltration (NF) or revers ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

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