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... calculated from the two different methods are in good agreement. The corrosion rate of Al was found to be a function of concentration of inhibitor, temperature of the medium and the nature of the inhibitor. The effect of temperature on the corrosion rate was studied in order to obtain th ...
Desalination 250 (2009)

... these extended field evaluations have confirmed the initial laboratory results. Keywords:Calcium carbonate; Magnesium hydroxide; Seawater; Scale; Inhibitor; Dispersant; Desalination; MSF; MED; Belgard EV2030; Belgard EV2050; Field trials 1. Introduction The main process for production of pure wate ...
Desalination 124 (1999)

CaSO4 nuclei. The resulting increase in the CaSO4 concentration (up to 4.7 g/l) promotes a growth of the low-temperature peak. The effect of the inhibitors on the water state in the CaSO4-containing solutions was examined to clarify the role played by these potential scalants. Solutes of differen ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

A newly synthesized azo compound, namely 8-quinolinol-5-azoantipyrine (HQAP), was studied as an inhibitor for the corrosion of mild steel in 1M HCl. Results of weight loss and Tafel polarisation measurements show that this compound has fairly goo ...
Desalination 237 (2009)

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