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... which, can be used in an open or closed cycle for air, is a modular one. It has the following independent components: two solar collectors, an evaporator and a condenser. The first part of the study deals with the presentation of the designed and constructed components. Some experimental result ...
Desalination 168 (2004)

... are a number of good indications that this situation may change in favor of the multi effect process. This paper reviews the different basic evaporators employed in distillation processes and their principle operations. The paper then provides an approximate comparative analysis of the horizonta ...
Desalination 125 (1999)

... this paper aims at giving guidelines that will allow material selection to be optimized with respect to the plant costs. Keywords: Corrosion; Evaporator; Tube bundle; Stainless steel; Investment costs *Corresponding author. Presented at the conference on Desalination Strategies in Sout ...
Desalination 136 (2001)

... in a desalination plant, using the aero-evapocondensation process is studied experimentally. The present process consists in a falling film evaporator and a condenser. The prototype is designed to work at low temperatures (60°C–90°C) using a geothermal energy. Two experimental pilots wer ...
Desalination 125 (1999)

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