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... proposed by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus is under consideration by the Government where two other plants are at the stage of Siting and Environmental studies. The first and second plants use the reverse osmosis process with a recovery of 50% and electric energy from the electric power grid.
Desalination 139 (2001)

... ecosystem, 3) definition of the links between source and targets, 4) recommendation of mitigation measures and 5) sustainability of the environmental protection measures. For step 1, the focus is on the components of the discharges into the sea where ten groups of environmentally critica ...
Desalination 124 (1999)

... water from discharges from domestic, industrial and agricultural waste degrading the quality of fresh water available to human needs and poor environmental sanitation cast serious doubt on Nigeria’s ability to meet the United Nations’ (UN) MDGs as most of the citizen still obtain water fo ...
Desalination 252 (2010)

... awareness or associated ecological effects, were not accounted for. Thus, the consideration of regulatory, economic, technological, social and environmental factors seems essential to successfully accomplish a reclaimed water reuse project. Feasibility studies can contribute to obtain the success i ...
Desalination 218 (2008)

... purposes as well as industrial and agricultural uses. However, the technologies used in water desalination are also accompanied by adverse environmental effects. There are several effects to be considered in desalination plants, such as the use of the land, the groundwater, the marin ...
Desalination 185 (2005)

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