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... be made to run with other sources of low quality heat and alternative energy sources. Keywords: Distillation; Low pressure; Vacuum; Waste heat; Effluent 1. Introduction Energy requirements of traditional water distillation systems make this technology less than desirable for the generation o ...
Desalination 220 (2008)

... in the starting, equilibrating, stopping and rinsing processing units was proposed to produce water for reuse in the plant and to lower the effluent volume. Reverse osmosis of such wastewaters, collected in dairy plants, was performed after a prior check of their stability during storage.
Desalination 219 (2008)

Within the project, an advanced solar dryer is being studied, to promote brine concentration and/or ultimate salt recovery from the MED brine effluent, thus contributing to the production of salt, adding one more valuable output to the whole system. This is achieved using the fact that th ...
Desalination 211 (2007)

In dairy plants the process waters generated during the starting, equilibrating, interrupting and rinsing steps contribute to the production of effluents. They correspond to milk products (milk, whey, cream) diluted with water without chemicals. The treatment of these dairy process waters b ...
Desalination 172 (2005)

... for the concentration of milk components. The present work reports NF and RO performances (permeate flux, milk components rejection) of an effluent model solution (diluted skimmed milk). Performances of eight NF and RO membranes were compared by dead-end filtration. Crossflow experiments wit ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

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