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... all over Albanian territory, from the north to the south and from the east to the west. Presently, all processing leather factories and tanneries discharge hundred of thousands ton wastewater effluent into water basins. The physical and chemical indicators of tanneries effluent depend from th ...
Desalination 213 (2007)

The main environmental problem of the industries dedicated to the desalination of seawater is the brine discharge coming from the processes of desalination of seawater by means of reverse osmosis. Ionics Ibérica S. A. develops its industrial activity aroun ...
Desalination 139 (2001)

... near the intake of the two plants, others were located at different distances and directions from the vicinity of the outfalls (outlets of the discharge). In addition to heavy metal analysis, other physical and chemical parameters measured simultaneously in the water include temperature, salinity ...
Desalination 244 (2009)

... requirements and studies associated with their implementation. The article focuses on the three most widely used alternatives for ocean discharge of concentrate: direct discharge through new outfall; discharge through existing wastewater treatment plant outfall; and co-disposal with th ...
Desalination 273 (2011)

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