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... for a demonstration plant. Based on these results, an engineering package for the demonstration plant will be completed. A new seawater solar desalination process is described. The main equipment have been developed, designed and tested. The running data of the process are presented for a smal ...
Desalination 153 (2002)

... the expansion of the applications in the industrial sector. This paper presents a feasibility study for 10,000 m3/d wastewater and seawater desalination plants in the UAE. The desalination evaluation has been based on reverse osmosis membrane technology and the associated conventional and no ...
Desalination 152 (2002)

... these states will soon face water shortages with serious adverse impacts on the sustainability of the region’s environment and development. Desalination provides an alternate source of water which is reliable and readily available to the region’s states. Desalination technologies have been i ...
Desalination 152 (2002)

Water supply and demand, the need for desalination investment, the need for integrated water resources management, the need for sustainability, the need for capacity building are considered i ...
Desalination 152 (2002)

... electrodialysis and nanofiltration to prepare isotonic solutions enriched in divalent ions and in oligo-elements for medical applications. Desalination 149 (2002) 411–416 Modification of ionic composition of natural salt-waters by electrodialysis Francis Quéméneura*, Jean-Pierre Schlumpfa ...
Desalination 149 (2002)

EC was not so sensitive to the change in flow rate. A model study based on the experimental data produced will be reported in the near future. Desalination 149 (2002) 343–349 Removal of calcium and magnesium hardness by electrodialysis N. Kabay*, M. Demircioglu*, E. Ersöz, I. Kurucaovali Eg ...
Desalination 149 (2002)

... and more than 70% of the rivers and lakes are contaminated to some extent. About 38 million people are depending on brackish water for life. Desalination of seawater and brackish water is one of the ways to solve the potable water shortage problem of the people living in arid areas or by the sea.
Desalination 250 (2009)

... blower and overall power needed for boron removal in AMF process is of about 0.018 kWh m(3, which is less than in classical IEX installation [2]. Desalination 241 (2009) 156 Á 166 Á Simulation of the adsorption microfiltration process for boron removal from RO permeate  Marek Blahuiak*, Stefa ...
Desalination 241 (2009)

Thermal desalination plants consume large quantities of heat energy for seawater evaporation. In condensing water vapor procured in evaporators and coolin ...
Desalination 139 (2001)

... system on TRW are proposed for each stage: type of return water use; direction of possible use; stability criterion; restrictions; control. Desalination 139 (2001) 299–304 Strategy of transboundary return flow use in the Aral Sea basin Victor A. Dukhovny*, Galina Stulina Scientific-Informatio ...
Desalination 139 (2001)

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