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The humidification–dehumidification process (HD) is an interesting technique adapted for water desalination when the demand is decentralized. This technique presents severa ...
Desalination 137 (2001)

Using air as a carrier gas is common in humidification–dehumidification desalination processes. A computer program was written using mass and energy balances for modeling the process behavior. The parameter ...
Desalination 237 (2009)

... is pursued to show the effectiveness of using process simulation and energy optimization concepts. Keywords: Desalination; Humidification; Dehumidification; Energy minimization 1 . Introduction T he shortage of potable water in the Arab P eninsula calls for new cost-effective methodol ogies fo ...
Desalination 175 (2005)

... recently emerged as a promising renewable energy-powered technology for producing fresh water. Solar desalination based on the humidification– dehumidification cycle presents the best method of solar desalination due to overall high-energy efficiency. This paper provides a comprehensive technica ...
Desalination 160 (2004)

... on the influence of greenhouse-related parameters on a desalination process that combines fresh water production using humidification–dehumidification with the growth of crops in a greenhouse. With the system under study, surface seawater trickles down a porous front wall evaporator throug ...
Desalination 159 (2003)

... and showed that solar stills can challenge other technologies for special applications. Keywords: Desalination; Solar still; Humidification; Dehumidification 1. Introduction Fresh water is the essence of life and is the most important constituent of the environment. Water is a basic huma ...
Desalination 169 (2004)

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