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An in-line coagulation (without settling)/UF process has been studied to improve membrane performance and water quality for surface water treatment. Using coagulation ...
Desalination 147 (2002)

The aim of this study is to determinate optimum conditions, membrane configuration, air flow, coagulation rate, permeate flux, for the ultrafiltration of surface water. Results show how coagulation is a necessary pre-treatment to remove micr ...
Desalination 145 (2002)

The wastewater from the meat industry was treated in the system linking the processes of: coagulation, biological treatment using the activated sludge method, simultaneous precipitation of phosphor and reverse osmosis. The carried ou ...
Desalination 144 (2002)

This work deals with the feasibility of an olive vegetation wastewater purification process consisting of two consecutive steps: coagulation followed by membrane separation. The target of this work was to reach a purification grade of the wastewater compatible with the limits for th ...
Desalination 240 (2009)

... by removing cake layer or inhibiting the formation of cake layer on the membrane surface. Desalination 242 (2009) 183–192 Effect of adsorption/coagulation on membrane fouling in microfiltration process post-treating anaerobic digestion effluent Bing Wua*, Yingyu Ana,b, Yaozhong Lia, Fook Sin Wong ...
Desalination 242 (2009)

... from a clinoptilolite amended activated sludge with regard to various sludge retention times (SRTs) singularly run or in combination with a coagulation process. First, four laboratory-scale activated sludge reactors were concurrently operated in SRT 5, 10, 20, and 40 days to treat the effluen ...
Desalination 243 (2009)

... fouling properly, pretreatment methods were compared and evaluated. Prior to direct membrane filtration of secondary effluent, the effect of coagulation with alum and ferric sulfate on membrane fouling was investigated using two different ultrafiltration membranes (YM30 and PM30). Membran ...
Desalination 244 (2009)

... behavior of various iron species (e.g. ferrous, prehydrolyzed(ph)-ferrous ion and ferric ion) as a coagulant and effects of inert mineral on the coagulation process combined with direct microfiltration (MF) membrane process was studied for humic acid (HA) removal. When 0.01 mM to 1 mM of the variou ...
Desalination 239 (2009)

The effectiveness of ultrasonic irradiation on algae removal by coagulation was studied. Laboratory results suggest that ultrasonic treatment at 40 kHz and 60W for 15 s can improve algae coagulation removal by 12.4% a ...
Desalination 239 (2009)

A large-scale ultrafiltration (UF) system integrated with coagulation was applied to produce drinking water from the highly turbid Taihu River. This UF installation could produce 10,000 m3 drinking water per day.
Desalination 230 (2008)

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